Vaping Prevention

Vaping prevention toolkit

Youth vaping has reached epidemic levels, threatening to addict a new generation of young people on nicotine. In an effort to address the problem, the PEI Lung Association recently partnered the PEI Health Department to provide resources to help address this issue.

The Toolkit's purpose? 1) To raise awareness and increase the knowledge of educators, and 2) To help guide youth towards making informed decisions with respect to using vaping products. 

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An overview of vaping products, contents of vapor, and the health effects associated with vaping. Intended to be displayed in classrooms, school hallways and bulletin boards to grab the attention and raise awareness. To download the full version, click here.


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   Bathroom Posters


A bold, humourous approach intended to get the attention of adolescents in an area where students can be commonly found vaping. Intended to be displayed in school bathrooms. French version also available. To download the full english version, click here.


**Please stay tuned as we add additional resources to this toolkit


Page Last Updated: 05/11/2019