Scent Free Spaces

Scent Free Space

Why go scent-free? Scent-free policies are being established in many public places including hospitals, schools, places of worship, and the workplace. As people become more aware of the adverse health effects created by scented products, more policies will be developed.

Scents from products linger in the air long after you lose your sense of smell for them (as it is a natural response by your brain to "block out" a smell after only a few minutes of exposure). When just one person wearing a scented product walks through a room, the scent lingers. So, even a visitor can bring enough scent to cause problems in an enclosed space.

More information on Scent Free Spaces is available from the Canadian Lung Association.

You can contact our office to get your "Scent-Free Space" sign.

Page Last Updated: 05/04/2016