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PEI Smoking Cessation Program

The PEI Smoking Cessation Program helps PEI residents who wish to stop smoking or using other tobacco products by: covering 100% of the cost of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products (i.e., nicotine gym, lozenges, patches, and inhalers) and specific smoking cessation prescription medications

Contact the PEI Smoking Cessation Program  to receive assistance with your smoke-free journey! 


Smoker's Helpline 

Smokers’ Helpline Call: 1-866-366-3667
Text: “iQuit” to 123456


Vaping to quit smoking 

Many people try vaping to quit smoking.  However, we don’t know if vaping actually helps people quit.  However, e-cigarettes have not been approved as a smoking cessation aid in Canada. Studies looking into this are limited and no firm conclusions have been drawn.  Vaping may in fact prolong smoking. People often report using vaping and tobacco products together. This practice may keep people smoking longer than they intended.

For quitting smoking, healthcare providers recommend: 

  • nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) 

  • prescription cessation medications

  • behavioural support and/or counselling for tobacco cessation

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Page Last Updated: 29/04/2021